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Welcome to my GITA 2 Home Page! Here I will be putting up all my projects from the first semester of GITA 2 that I have made so far. ☺
The program I use to make these projects is Notepad++. If you are interested, click here to download it.

Info About Me & Being in GITA

This year, I am learning how to create and design webpages and other live programs by using HTML as well as CSS and JavaScript for styling. I'm hoping to learn useful skills in this class for me to be able to use for a future career. As of now, my goal is to go to a 4-year university and major in computer programming/design. If all goes well, I will be able to apply to jobs pertaining to my major.

Ashley Madison Hack

Date: 9.5.17

This is a webpage showing my research of the Ashley Madison Hack and who or what it affected.

Tech Page

Date: 9.12.17

This is a webpage showing my research of the new popular technology AirPods by Apple.


Date: 9.28.17

This is a collage full of pictures that describe me as well as captions describing the pictures!

Calorie Burner

Date: 10.7.17

This program takes gender, age, weight, heart rate, and exercise time to calculate the number of calories that were burned.


Date: 10.7.17

This program takes different parts of speech that the user provides and outputs it into a madlibs story.

Cool Boards

Date: 10.20.17

This program uses information inputted by the user to calculate the prices and manager stats of snowboard rentals.


Date: 10.26.17

This program is a replica of the famous casino game, Craps.

Extreme Coding

Date: 11.16.17

This is a group webpage desgined to describe coding as an extreme sport.

Fish I

Date: 11.20.17

This is a program that allows you to randomly move a fish in all basic directions either manually or automatically with a timer.

Space Invaders

Date: 12.7.17

This is a program that simulates the original game "Space Invaders" by allowing the player to shoot the invader before it reaches the bottom.

Space Invaders - AI Game

Date: 12.15.17

This is a program that simulates the original game "Space Invaders" except it adds the twist of allowing the invader to follow you.

Bouncing Circles

Date: 1.12.18

This is a program that uses for loops and arrays to create a number of circles with random sizes, colors, and velocities.

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